A runtime is a Kevoree executable application. It is used to actually start a Kevoree core targetting a specific platform.

Currently, Kevoree has 3 runtimes:

  • Java runtime, which is an executable JAR file. (Download)
  • Node.js runtime, which is available on npm
  • Browser runtime, which is also targeting the JavaScript platform but runs in Web Browsers and allows components to provide a User Interface. (Browser runtime)

By default, every runtime must be able to start a Kevoree environment without giving any input. In such case, the runtime must create what we call a "default bootstrap model", in KevScript this model looks like this:

// default bootstrap model targeting the JavaNode
add node0 : JavaNode
add sync : WSGroup

attach node0 sync

And in the model editor:
Bootstrap model


A runtime depends, at least, on the following Kevoree parts:

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