Compile ThingML components to platform specific code

In order to produce executable code, a ThingML configuration should be defined, where components (both platform-independent and platform-specific) need to be instantiated and connected togather:

configuration TestTimerJava {
    instance timer : TimerJava
    instance client : TimerClientJava
    connector client.timer => timer.timer

Test your things in a standalone mode

This ThingML program can then be compiled (using the standalone editor) to Java. In the compiler Menu, select Java/JASM. This will generate the Java code, wrap it into a Maven project, compile it and run it. In the terminal/console, you should see:


Wrap your things into Kevoree components

Now, to wrap this program into Kevoree, just select, in the compiler menu, Java/Kevoree. This will generate a set of wrappers that exposes the ThingML components (things) as Kevoree components, and will update the pom.xml file to include the necessary Kevoree plugins. In addition, it will also generate a Kevscript file corresponding to the initial configuration of the system, as described in the ThingML configuration:

repo ""
repo ""

//include standard Kevoree libraries

//include external libraries that may be needed by ThingML components
include mvn:org.thingml:org.thingml.utils:snapshot

//include Kevoree wrappers of ThingML components
include mvn:org.thingml.generated:TestTimerJava:1.0-SNAPSHOT

//create a default Java node
add node0 : JavaNode
set node0.log = "false"
//create a default group to manage the node(s)
add sync : WSGroup
set sync.port/node0 = "9000"
attach node0 sync

//instantiate Kevoree/ThingML components
add node0.TimerClientJava_TestTimerJava_client : KTimerClientJava
add node0.TimerJava_TestTimerJava_timer : KTimerJava

//instantiate Kevoree channels and bind component
add channel_1324969411 : SyncBroadcast
bind node0.TimerClientJava_TestTimerJava_client.timerPort_out channel_1324969411
bind node0.TimerJava_TestTimerJava_timer.timerPort channel_1324969411
add channel_1324969411_re : SyncBroadcast
bind node0.TimerClientJava_TestTimerJava_client.timerPort channel_1324969411_re
bind node0.TimerJava_TestTimerJava_timer.timerPort_out channel_1324969411_re
start sync
start node0

Deploy and adapt with Kevoree, as usual

After you recompile the project (using mvn clean install), you can open this KevScripts into the Kevoree editor and deploy it using Kevoree as a normal Java node.

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