HEADS IDE & Methodology

The main result of the HEADS project is the HEADS IDE for HD-Services development. The HEADS IDE and modelling languages are fully released as open-source using non contaminating licenses (such as LGPL or EPL) to allow both proprietary usage and extensions. The HEADS IDE is complemented by this methodology document which

  1. guides developers of HD-Services in using the HEADS techniques and tools and
  2. guides platform experts to add support for new platforms by developing plugins for the HEADS IDE.

The objective of the project is not to provide a complete set of plugins covering the whole future internet continuum but a set of selected representative plugins which

  1. demonstrate the approach,
  2. makes it available to third parties and
  3. cover the needs of the use cases.

A HEADS plugin for a particular platform includes

  • a code generator for the specific platform,
  • a HEADS model library (API) exposing the capabilities of the platform and
  • a mechanism for deploying code to the platform.

The plugins supporting different platforms can be released with different licences. All the generic code generators to general purpose language will be released as open-source. All the plugins developed by the academic partners will be released open-source. Plugins and specialization made by the industry partners and for the use cases might be kept proprietary. Third parties will be provided with the tools and documentation necessary to develop third party plugins.

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