Service Developers

The service developer is the primary user of the HEADS IDE. The service developer is the one dealing with the requirements of the HD-Service and responsible for creating the design and implementation of the HD-Service logic.

The Service developer has to interact with a number of platform experts in order to select (or learn about) the platforms which will be used in the HD-Service infrastructure. If some platforms are not yet supported by the HEADS IDE, the platform experts need to create new plugins for the HEADS IDE in order to support and expose the capabilities of the required platforms.

The service developer also has to interact with the Service operator which is responsible for the deployment and runtime monitoring of the HD-Service.

The service developer is mainly using ThingML to create the models of the HD-Service and might create and/or use some re-usable ThingML libraries. The tasks associated with the HEADS Service Developer are detailed in section 3.2.

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