Extend Kevoree to deploy code for a new platform

HEADS is not specific to any runtime platform. The platform expert is responsible for adding support to deploy code to a new platform.

Kevoree currently supports 2 platforms:

  • JVM-based
    ThingML can generate Java code and automatically wrap it into components that can be managed by Kevoree
  • JavaScript-based
    See here how you can create your own component, built it and deploy it

The following are the guidelines on how to integrate a new target platform for Kevoree.


As you know Kevoree is a multiplatform distributed model tool.

Two platforms are currently maintained :

One is currently in development :

Each of those platforms are based on the same concepts and are split in the same way.

In the rest of this chapter we will detail the architecture of an implentation of the Kevoree runtime. It aims to be useful if you want to write Kevoree in another language (python, haskell, ruby, erlang, you name it) but will be based on our experience with Java, JavaScript and C#.

Global architecture

This picture shows the different parts involved in a Kevoree platfom: Kevoree platform overview


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