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The Kevoree Registry is a public application, accessible at
This application is basically a map of TypeDefinition <-> DeployUnit links. It is used to resolve the components, nodes, channels and groups binaries based on their TypeDefinition.

With that in mind, when adding a new platform to the Kevoree eco-system, it might be convenient to provide a code generator that is able to scaffold projects for the new targeted platform language.

The idea behind that is to ease the creation of a new DeployUnit for a specific TypeDefinition. Because the registry knows all about the available TypeDefinitions, and because a TypeDefinition contains all the necessary information to create a code skeleton (type, dictionary attributes, inputs, outputs). One could create a library that takes developer inputs to determine a TypeDefinition name and version, and then create the code skeleton for that specific TypeDefinition using the targeted language paradigm.


In JavaScript, the code generator is provided by the Yeoman generator-kevoree. This generator is a command-line Node.js application that prompts questions to the developer in order to, in the end, create a kevoree-js project.

$ yo kevoree

Kevoree Project Generator:

[?] Would you like to start from an existing TypeDefinition from the Kevoree Registry? Yes
[?] Specify a TypeDefinition fully qualified name (eg. Ticker or org.kevoree.library.Ticker
[?] Which version would you like to use? (40 total versions) 5.2.10
[?] Choose your NPM module name: kevoree-comp-ticker
[?] Do you want this to be runnable by the browser runtime? No
[?] What is the license of your module? (MIT) LGPL-3.0

# ... keep on answering

And finally, the generator will create a clean project based on the Kevoree Registry TypeDefinition named Ticker in version 5.2.10 in the example:

$ tree -L 2
├── Gruntfile.js
├── kevs
│   └── main.kevs
├── lib
│   └── Ticker.js
├── package.json
└── (...)

With the Ticker skeleton be:

var AbstractComponent = require('kevoree-entities/lib/AbstractComponent');

var Ticker = AbstractComponent.extend({
    toString: 'Ticker',
    tdef_version: 1,

    dic_random: {
        optional: true,
        defaultValue: false,
    dic_period: {
        optional: true,
        defaultValue: 3000,

    start: function (done) {
        this.log.debug(this.toString(), 'START');

    stop: function (done) {
        this.log.debug(this.toString(), 'STOP');

    out_tick: function (msg) { /* noop */ }

module.exports = Ticker;

The Yeoman code generator v3.5.2 only complies with Kevoree v5.3.x or less

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